The effective way of making reading habit for children

Reading is a kind of learning process by gaining lesson from written language. Since children have the advance ability of learning, they can learn new thing easily. By reading, children can improve their knowledge, develop their imagination and raise their cretivities. Though children prefer plays with friend rather than read. Then how to make them interest? Here are the answer that might inspire parents to encourage children to read.

The first ways goading children to love book and read is by reading them a story book. Telling a story particularly in night can expand their imagination and creativities especially when it telled by visual display. The benefit of this activity is that children not only gain the moral lesson of the story but also strengthen the relation between parents and children. By reading them a story before sleep each night continually, children expected to be addicted reading.

Moreover, mini library in house will help children to feel comfort with book. This mini library should have convenient decoration too. Book for children should be placed in lower shelves so they can easily reach and place back the book. carpet to pave also used to be made from rubber not from rag in order to avoid attaching dust. by making them comfort, hoped can raise their desire to read.

Beside telling a story and making a mini library, the other method that may form reading habit for children is by visiting colportage or library. Make sure parents involved children when making member card of library, because it will make them know new thing and make them delight by allow to borrowing book. visiting library give them chance to understand that there are more children that have the same interest which is reading. Beside can grow the affondness of reading also can give chance to socialize with other children.

Among those, the most effective manner is showing children the habit of reading. As often as anything parents do those three ways, the influence to making reading habit is lower than by parents showing children directly. As Dr. Lisa Nalven, through AyahBunda a children specialist from New Jersey that penetrate children’s behavior problem, remarks : “ imitating is the important activity to grind various ability, begin from the ability of using language up to socialization.” As an excelent imitator, children imitate their parents in everthing that make them interest. Since children not yet known what is right and wrong, parent should give the correct example especially for making a reading habit.

To conclude, making reading habit is a matter of continuation. It will be more easy if it form in childhood. In order to make it parents should give the correct example of reading habit, invite them to visit library, making mini library in house and telling them a story.

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The presence of internet can be some adventages for students

Nowadays, Internet has become an important part in our daily live. Some people argue that internet tend to have some bad effect for student than its benefit. However, I really feel that internet tend to have some adventages especially for students. These examples are three of adventages of internet.

The first advetage is that internet can make the students easy to get some information. Students can find any information from internet including lesson. When they do not really understand about lesson, they can search detail information in blogs or tutorials. They also join some group which talking about lesson and ask something in this group in order to improve their basic knowledge.

The other adventage is that internet can help them to do the assignment. For example short paper assignment. Students who do not know how to make the correct short paper can search anc find its sample from the internet. Students rather search something in the internet than books because internet is easy and fast to find some information. It is saving their time which they can use it to do something else.

Other adventage is relaxing student’s brain. Sometimes students feel bored when they press to much in studying something, internet provide some application in order to refresh their brain. Games are the most hunting aplication for students because it can make them relax and feel release from school’s burden. It helps them to study other lessons.

In conclusion, internet has some adventages for students because it can help students to get the information easier, make relax their brain and helps to do the assignment.

Fruit can cure several disease

Some people consume fruit just as hobby not as necessary needed. They tend to like consuming some fruits and hate the other fruits. Whereas each fruits have its own benefit and content especially in healing several disease.

The instance of fruit that can prevent and cure certain disease is morinda which in bahasa called mengkudu. Morinda citriflia L, in latin name, contains a lot of compound which helpful for human’s health. One of those is scopoletin which as Dr. Neil Solomon MD.Phd, a researcher of america, can widen the venous duct. This widen can reduce the hypertension. Beside reduce the hypertension, mengkudu can impede the growth of cancer too. Research prove that mengkudu has xeronin and proxeronin which use to slow down the progress of cancer.

Beside mengkudu, soursop also has advantage to heal certain disease. Some part of this tree like its timber, root, leaves, fruit, and seed prove can cure heart attact, asthma and rheumatism. Moreover a study that published by the journal of natural product mention one of chemical element in soursop can choose, differ and kill cell colon cancer 10.000 times more effective than chemotherapy. By consuming this soursop frequently can prevent and cure the those disease.

The last example of beneficial fruit is mangosteen. Garcinia mangostana, in latin name, also called as queen of fruit because of its benefit that contains in its fruit, outside and inside skin of mangosteen. This queen of fruit contain xanthone compound which useful to dismiss several disease like heart attact, hypertension and cancer. This compound reach up to 123,97 mg/ml in one mangosteen which can used as anticancer. This amount is the highest among other fruits. That is why this fruit can cure cancer effectively than others.

All these example of fruits, mengkudu, soursop and mangosteen really have advantages to heal hypertension, heart attact and cancer. Consuming those fruit frequently can prevent and reduce the disease.