The presence of internet can be some adventages for students

Nowadays, Internet has become an important part in our daily live. Some people argue that internet tend to have some bad effect for student than its benefit. However, I really feel that internet tend to have some adventages especially for students. These examples are three of adventages of internet.

The first advetage is that internet can make the students easy to get some information. Students can find any information from internet including lesson. When they do not really understand about lesson, they can search detail information in blogs or tutorials. They also join some group which talking about lesson and ask something in this group in order to improve their basic knowledge.

The other adventage is that internet can help them to do the assignment. For example short paper assignment. Students who do not know how to make the correct short paper can search anc find its sample from the internet. Students rather search something in the internet than books because internet is easy and fast to find some information. It is saving their time which they can use it to do something else.

Other adventage is relaxing student’s brain. Sometimes students feel bored when they press to much in studying something, internet provide some application in order to refresh their brain. Games are the most hunting aplication for students because it can make them relax and feel release from school’s burden. It helps them to study other lessons.

In conclusion, internet has some adventages for students because it can help students to get the information easier, make relax their brain and helps to do the assignment.


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