Meaning Alteration of galau, kepo dan baper


“lagi galau niih..”, “iihh kepo deh!”, and “gitu aja bapeeerrr…” are statement that popular nowadays among teens. Galau, kepo and baper are include Bahasa Gaul or slang since it used by youth. Bahasa Gaul is very informal language that is usually spoken rather that written, used especially by particular group of people (Cambridge
Dictionary) which dominated by teens. The characteristic of this language is word play so between its sign and signifier deviate. (Sartini NiWayan, 2012 : 2). Deviation from trully meaning of Bahasa gaul  like galau, kepo and baper then is interesting to be discussed.

Galau that presently popular actually has change from its meaning. According to KBBI online, thegalau term Galau means got mixed up (mind); bergalau means chaotic of mind, and kegalauan means the situation where mind is mixed up. But in daily life, this meaning has change into something exaggerated and tends to negative thing. In life, there is nothing wrong with having chaotic minds. But teens use the term galau to indicate that having chaotic minds is wrong or negative. For example when person can not forget boyfriend or girlfriend, teens respon is “gitu aja galau.” When person confused to choose a choice, said galau by teens. Teens use the term galau when they are confused, worried and sad. “Gue lagi galau nih” is statement that usually spoke by teens in order to shows their confusion or sad. This usage of galau indicates that having chaotic minds is judge negative by teens. This means that the trully meaning of galau has change, from chaotic minds into confusion, worried and over sad.

Another word of Bahasa Gaul that has alter from its meaning is kepokepo. The etimology of this word has two versions. The first, says that kepo is derive from “kaypoh”. It is Hokkien Language that use by singapore people that means curious or wonder. (lelakibugis : 2015). And second, kepo is Knowing Every Particularly Object. (Kikywldr : 2015). Those two meaning actually has the same point which is curiousity. Kepo person is someone who has extra curious to any detail of someone or something.

At this time, when someone ask teens question in detail, they always say “iihh kepo deh!”. This respon indicates that having question especially in detail is totally wrong. Honestly, ask question in detail is wrong when it asked to new person. But if it asked to friends that we know long time, there is no wrong on it, it pricesely means we care of our friends. In fact, what is wrong with having detail question and curiousity? If there is no curiousity, there will be no invention. Alva Edison and Graham Bell if not curious in thing, they will not find and create lamp and telephone. This means that having curious and question is worthfull. This means that the usage of kepo has change from having curious into something negative.

baThe last Bahasa Gaul that has adjusment meaning is baper. The term baper is newly comes in Bahasa Gaul. Baper itself is abbreviation of bawa perasaan. Teens tend to short the form of language in order to ease the language usage and calmness (Sartini NiWayan, 2012 : 2). That is why raise the term baper in order to say it quicker and easier. this term is refer to someone who involve feeling in something or conversation seriously. Baper person considered as person who easily offended and very sensitive. “Gitu aja bappeeerr…” is statement is said as a respon of person who involve feeling on everything. Actually nowadays, teens usually missunderstanding the word baper. There is nothing wrong with having baper, we called human because we have reason and feeling. it means that we as human has sense of sensitiveness. But why today involving everything with feeling is indicated something wrong? There is miss perception of the trully meaning of baper with the reality in the usage from sense of sensitiveness into something negative.

The alteration meaning of galau, kepo and baper is happen because it used by teens. Those word of Bahasa Gaul is used by teens who still search of their self identity. Teens are very labil person who always follow other in order to find their self identity. They follow others without verify it, just follow. In this case, galau, kepo and baper is words that they use because other teens is use it. Those words become booming and popular because it use among teens which is very easy to follow other.

To conclude, alteration meaning of Bahasa gaul that use by teens are accepted and used it directly without having verify. Galau, Kepo and Baper are Bahasa Gaul that has alteration meaning.


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